Roam 4 The Holidaze 5

Posted on December 30, 2013 by CoCo Art

CCA 2013 Holidaze Cover 5

On New Year’s Day 2014 Roam–a new monthly podcast series curated by David Matysiak, engineered by Mason Brown, and conceptualized by Devin Brown–will present its annual winter audio compilation Roam 4 the Holidaze. The fifth installment in an ongoing series that began in winter 2009, Roam 4 the Holidaze 5 features recordings by 26 musicians, artists, and everyday field recordists who hail from parts as near as Metro Atlanta and as geographically far afield as Israel and India.

Unlike in years past, Matysiak challenged contributors to isolate “found sounds” captured in 2013 and to use this documentary material to craft their sonic submissions. Matysiak’s intention was to create an aural time capsule of sorts, a document of idiosyncratic and highly personal moments from the past year that listeners can train their attentions to as they look forward to what awaits them in 2014.

But these new criteria for submissions are not the only new additions to this year’s Roam 4 the Holidaze compilation. Instead of presenting the collection as a series of discrete tracks as they have done in the past, Matysiak and Mason Brown have instead carefully sequenced and segued all of the submissions into a single, continuous listening experience.

Clocking in at just under one hour, Roam 4 the Holidaze 5 invites listeners to explore the time-bound environments, moods, and textures that each of its contributors have captured and manipulated while emphasizing also the ways in which these experiences are themselves interconnected as reflections of a tightly-webbed community of artists, musicians, documentarians, and friends.

Roam 4 the Holidaze 5 also inaugurates the new Roam podcast series, which will release a theme-driven audio journey ten times per year on the first Monday of every month. (A summer installment of Roam will be released in July/August and Roam for the Holidaze will return in its sixth iteration in January of 2015.)

Roam’s next podcast, “To Roam with Love,” will tackle the topics of romance, fidelity, and the variably long and short shelf lives of romantic relationships. It will be released here on February 3rd.

 Thank you thank you thank you to all of the amazingly talented and über inspiring collaborators this year:

Cole Alexander
Brandon Betts
Devin Brown
Mason Brown
Frank Broyles
Adam Bruneau
Ian Cone
Nik Fackler
Todd Fink
Dereck Higgins
Jack Hines
Ingrid Magnuson
Heather Kemp
Zopi Kristjanson
David Matysiak
Colin Mee
Andrew Nicholson
Jordan Noel
Lockett Pundt
Katie & Wayne Robertson
Zumi Rosow
Cyrus Shamir
Everett Steele
Thomas Stuart
Dana Swanson
Chelsea Weyler

Read more from Pitchfork and Death and Taxes. 

Roam on.



New Holidaze Mix Up!!!

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It’s the 2012 HolidaZe Mix. Big holiday love to all and a big big thanks to the artists featured on this comp.

Happy New Year!!

Download and jam it loud!
Xo Coco Art


1. Santana Santa – In the Beginning…
2. Feast of Violet – Vitals
3. Adam Bruneau – Solipsism Rock
4. InDreama – Nobuo’s Song
5. Frank Broyles – Psychic Sarah Christmas
6. Oh Dorian – I’m Dreaming Tonight…
7. Shelved Selves – Uranian Carol #12
8. Elliot (&) Smith – Mr. Grinch
9. Flowers Forever – Restless Moon
10. Social Studies – Toxo (feat. Zopari Kristjanson)
11. Brainworlds – Beyond the Ascent
12. Spacewalker – Launch
13. Daniel Manuel – La Fiesta de Don Juan
14. Tournament of Orchids – I’m Rejoicing Now
15. Old King Cole Younger – Christmas Far Away From Home, Moan
16. Todd Fink – Texas Balances
17. Dereck Higgins – Pancake Blues
18. Whiskey Sue – Christmas Island
19. Decomposer – Pessimystique
20. Dennis Banana – Nude Piano
21. Lazy Monsters – The Christmas That Never Was


Split LP w/ Plosive available now!!

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Split LP w/ Plosive

From These Are Not Records:
“Mason Brown’s Brainworlds project has been killing it over the past two years with a string of absolutely solid releases. A master of the epic, celestial journey via processed guitar. For his side of the split, and his first foray onto vinyl, Brown contributes a track called “Heliopause.” “Heliopause,” is a 15-minute blissed out ride through the amniotic fluid.” [Read More]
BUY HERE for $12


Download Brainworlds ‘Abnormal Vergence’ at Bandcamp!

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Abnormal Vergence

Live Split with EXPO ’70

Recorded live at Eyedrum (Atlanta, GA) 9-14-10
Released 11.09.11 on Hooker Vision
From Hooker Vision:
“Brainworlds and Expo ’70 are two of the longest running sources of inspiration around Evans headquarters and it goes without saying that we’re beyond flattered to be able to release this epic pairing of the two. Taken from a live performance in Atlanta, Georgia (of which we were in attendance), these side-long improvisations are perfect examples of two absolute jammers doing what they do best.”
Limited Cassette SOLD OUT


As •Brainworlds•, Atlanta based guitarist Mason Brown works to envelop the listener in sheets of meditative sound and delve deep into the subconscious to explore the hidden relationships between the micro and the macro. Towering waves of electric harmony are the vessel in which the journey from myopia is made. Devoid of the constraints of time and gravity, the music of •Brainworlds• floats in the metaphysical realm where mind and universe coalesce.

07/27/15 : Atlanta, GA @ The Earl w/ Flamingo Shadow, Nomem Novum, Total Discharge

07/11/15 : Birmingham, AL @ Firehouse w/ Bedroom Suite, Daniel Farris, Dhouser, Dubb Normal, Grave Goods, Helen of Coi, Lotrined, Loveislight, Omari Jazz, Proud/Father, Rouss & Ragsdale, Shea Stevenson, Tengen, Urbandy, Wet Nurse
07/03/15 : Atlanta, GA @ Mammal Gallery w/ Amulets, Fake Flowers, Triathalon, Co Co Ri Co
05/19/15 : Atlanta, GA @ Eyedrum w/ Bitchin Bajas, Itasca, Saira Raza
01/09/15 : Atlanta, GA @ Eyedrum w/ Daniel Klag, Rin Larping, Stephen Fenton
12/20/14 : Atlanta, GA @ Eyedrum w/ Nows, Gelding, Frasers, Magicicada, Unit Charge, Cave Bat, Meredith Kooi, Majid (Respite VII)
02/22/14 : Atlanta, GA @ Mammal Gallery w/ Magicicada, Stuart Gerber, Chris Childs
08/09/13 : Atlanta, GA @ Fuse Art Space w/ Landing, Magicicada, Twins
05/09/13 : Atlanta, GA @ 529 w/ Qurious, Duet for Theremin & Lap Steel, Ominous Castle
03/18/13 : Athens, GA @ Caledonia w/ Maserati
01/28/13 : Atlanta, GA @ 529 w/ Twins, Feast Of Violet, Anticipation, They Can’t Here It, Walter Frobos, Ill Poacher, John Lloyd Hannah, Drew Haddon
08/23/12 : Asheville, NC @ Blackout Effectors w/ Jason Lescaleet, Bad Command or File Name
06/09/12 : Atlanta, GA @ The Earl w/ Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, Father Murphy, DeadCat
05/11/12 : Birmingham, AL @ Secret Stages Festival
03/31/12 : Atlanta, GA @ The Goat Farm w/ Circulatory System, Zebu, Deacon Lunchbox Experience
02/21/12 : Atlanta, GA @ WREK 91.1 FM 10pm
02/19/12 : Atlanta, GA @ 529 w/ Man Forever, Plasma Expander
11/10/11 : Athens, GA @ Flicker w/ Council, Nutritional Peace
10/08/11 : Atlanta, GA @ The Earl w/ Roedelius, Recompas, Xambuca (as Maximum Brain)
09/13/11 : Atlanta, GA @ The Earl w/ NewVillager, Takenobu
08/07/11 : Austin, TX @ Salvage Vanguard Theater w/ My Education
08/06/11 : Houston, TX @ Fitzgeralds for Binarium Sound Series
07/24/11 : Atlanta, GA @ The Goat Farm w/ Quiet Evenings, Warning Light, Seziki Tetrasheaf
05/29/11 : Atlanta, GA @ 900 DeKalb Ave. w/ Gyan Riley, Shane Perlowin
03/17/11 : Atlanta, GA @ 529 w/ Mi Ami, Roman Photos
12/17/10 : Atlanta, GA @ Beep Beep Gallery w/ Wall With One Side, R_Garcia
12/15/10 : Brooklyn, NY @ Don Pedros w/ Lyonnais, R. Mexico
12/11/10 : Brooklyn, NY @ The Bell House w/ Atlas Sound, Lyonnais
12/10/10 : Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwell’s w/ Atlas Sound, Lyonnais
11/19/10 : Atlanta, GA @ The Earl w/ Maserati, Royal Thunder
09/15/10 : Athens, GA @ Oneta St. Warehouse w/ Expo ’70, Council
09/14/10 : Atlanta, GA @ Eyedrum w/ Expo ’70, Lid Emba
08/08/10 : Atlanta, GA @ 529 w/ Deerhunter, Lyonnais
07/31/10 : Atlanta, GA @ Highland Inn Ballroom w/ Roman Photos, Living Rooms
07/02/10 : Atlanta, GA @ Aurora Coffee w/ Warning Light
06/18/10 : Atlanta, GA @ Eyedrum w/ Grouper, Lyonnais
05/15/10 : Athens, GA @ Farm w/ A.T.E.M., Lyonnais
05/11/10 : Atlanta, GA @ The Earl w/ Growing, Lyonnais
05/07/10 : Atlanta, GA @ Eyedrum w/ Strotter Inst.
04/20/10 : Atlanta, GA @ Eyedrum w/ Keenan Lawler and Ignaz Schick
04/02/10 : Atlanta, GA @ 529 w/ Lyonnais, A.T.E.M.
03/27/10 : Knoxville, TN @ Big Ears Festival w/ Council
03/26/10 : Knoxville, TN @ Big Ears Festival w/ Council
03/21/10 : Atlanta, GA @ WonderRoot w/ Simon Joyner, Coyote Bones
12/11/09 : Atlanta, GA @ Eyedrum w/ Lotus Plaza, Magic Apron, Nomen Novum, Marvelous
12/04/09 : Athens, GA @ The Secret Squirrel w/ A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Lyonnais, Bubbly Mommy Gun
11/29/09 : Atlanta, GA @ the Jailhouse w/ Council, Pony Payroll Bones, Tiny Concept
11/22/09 : Athens, GA @ Oneta Space w/ Council, Monotaur, Dan Hole Pond
11/21/09 : Durham, NC @ the Green Wall w/ Council
11/20/09 : Durham, NC @ GoldenBelt Arts w/ Council
11/19/09 : Greensboro, NC @ Suds’n’Duds w/ Council
11/17/09 : Brooklyn, NY @ Secret Project Robot w/ Dubknowdub, Council
11/16/09 : Pittsburgh, PA @ Jacque Abode w/ Council
11/14/09 : Knoxville, TN @ Leslie Farms Chicken Sanctuary w/ Council, Wil Wright
11/07/09 : Atlanta, GA @ 529 w/ David Dondero, Coyote Bones
09/29/09 : Atlanta, GA @ WonderRoot w/ Back Pockets, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk
09/28/09 : Athens, GA @ Secret Squirrel w/ Reptar, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Visitations
09/19/09 : Le Grange, GA @ Acoustic Cafe w/ Quiet Evenings, Skinny Insect, Panda Zimmer
08/29/09 : Omaha, NE @ Ratfest w/ Flowers Forever, Coyote Bones, Beep Beep, Brimstone Howl
08/15/09 : Athens, GA @ Flicker Theatre w/ Brian Connell, Coyote Bones
08/07/09 : Atlanta, GA @ Eyedrum w/ Recompas, Noven Novum, Tree Creature
07/15/09 : Athens, GA @ Oneta St. w/ John Fernandez, Council
06/05/09 : Atlanta, GA @ 529 w/ Hollow Stars, Lyonnais
04/01/09 : Atlanta, GA @ 529 w/ Hollow Stars, Ominous Castle
10/03/08 : Omaha, NE @ Bemis Underground w/ John Wiese, FATHR^
08/29/08 : Omaha, NE @ Bemis Underground w/ Expo ’70, FATHR^


Split LP w/ Plosive

A1. Brainworlds “Heliopause”
B1. Plosive “Between 8:00 & 8:30″
B2. Plosive “The Bubble Machine”

Released 12.27.11 on
These Are Not Records

Limited to 250 Hand-numbered copies
BUY HERE for $12


Abnormal Vergence

Split Cassette w/ Expo ’70
1. Brainworlds “Labyrinthitis”
2. Expo ’70 “Stepping Further Outside Petulance and Recurring Ambivalence”

Released 11.09.11 on Hooker Vision

Limited Cassette SOLD OUT
Download at Bandcamp



1. Primordial Coalescence
2. Solar Plexus

Released 4.7.11 on Sonic Meditations
Limited Cassette and CDR SOLD OUT
Download at Bandcamp



1. Microbial Shift
2. Astral Projections

Released 11.21.10 on Hooker Vision

Limited Cassette SOLD OUT

Download at Bandcamp


Live at Eyedrum

1. 06.18.10
2. 04.20.10

Live recordings of recent shows

Free download at Bandcamp!



1. Through the Cloud Chamber
2. Fractalscape

Released 02.08.10 on Sonic Meditations

Limited Cassette and CDR SOLD OUT

Download at Bandcamp



1. Abyssal Odyssey
2. Ergospheric Drift

Released 11.01.09 on CocoArt

Limited Cassette SOLD OUT

Download at Bandcamp


1. Sinal Waves
2. Delirium Tremolos

Released 10.01.08 on I’m Drinkin’ This

Limited Casstte SOLD OUT

Download at Bandcamp


“Beyond the Ascent” on Roam 4 the Holidaze vol. 4

“Orbital Resonance” on Roam 4 the Holidaze vol. 3

“Hypergnosis” on Vital Sound I

“Hydrocephalia” on Head-On Collusion Box

“Coma Lift” on Crystal Growing Kit Box

“Dance of the Spirits” on Roam 4 the Holidaze vol. 2

“Empyrean Spectrum” on Roam 4 the Holidaze vol. 1

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