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Split LP w/ Plosive available now!!


Split LP w/ Plosive

From These Are Not Records:
“Mason Brown’s Brainworlds project has been killing it over the past two years with a string of absolutely solid releases. A master of the epic, celestial journey via processed guitar. For his side of the split, and his first foray onto vinyl, Brown contributes a track called “Heliopause.” “Heliopause,” is a 15-minute blissed out ride through the amniotic fluid.” [Read More]
BUY HERE for $12

Dereck Higgins ‘Angel Cloud With Voice’

InDreama : RePROGRAM (live)

InDreama : REprogram
(Live @ The Waiting Room – Omaha, NE. 12-17-11)
(Nik Fackler, Dereck Higgins, Aaron Gum, Craig D, David Matysiak)

Download Brainworlds ‘Abnormal Vergence’ at Bandcamp!


Abnormal Vergence

Live Split with EXPO ’70

Recorded live at Eyedrum (Atlanta, GA) 9-14-10
Released 11.09.11 on Hooker Vision
From Hooker Vision:
“Brainworlds and Expo ’70 are two of the longest running sources of inspiration around Evans headquarters and it goes without saying that we’re beyond flattered to be able to release this epic pairing of the two. Taken from a live performance in Atlanta, Georgia (of which we were in attendance), these side-long improvisations are perfect examples of two absolute jammers doing what they do best.”
Limited Cassette SOLD OUT

Hollow Stars LIVE @ The Earl!

Hollow Stars – Live at the Earl (12/3/11) by HOLLOW STARS
1. The Other Side
2. Temple of the Düüg
3. Waves
4. Ill Omen
5. Decaying Eggplant
6. Easter
7. Stars become Hollow

LIVE at the Earl on December 3, 2011 w/ All the Saints, The Clap
Recorded by Johnny Hum.

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NEW SONGS added to the ‘Listen’ sandbox.

InDreama “Loopopper”

Shot in Gabon, Africa.

Coyote Bones “Ode to Mary”

Coyote Bones ‘Ode to Mary’ written by David Matysiak.

Featured on the OST for the feature film ‘Lovely, Still’

Hollow Stars @ The Earl (10/22/11)

HOLLOW STARS LIVE AT THE EARL 10-22-11 from Hollow Stars

¡Viva el arte de coco

Atlanta’s The Kiwis ”Shangri-La” is a BBQ cloud o’ sound!