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Year In ROAM: A Scrumptious Slice of 2014

ROAM had a big 2014: 10 uniquely themed audiozines crafted by 70 sound artists.

And now for your ear-smacking pleasure the aural chefs at Café ROAM have simmered, flash-fried, slow-cooked, and blanched the very choicest of last year’s cuts into one everlasting gobstopper of a listening experience: Year in ROAM. Clocking in at just over 25 delectable minutes, this meal is for your ears to feast on.

The auricular sommeliers at ROAM selected these submissions from the smorgasbord of 2014’s offerings: Sounds of love and dreaming, travel and nature, family, comedy, spirituality, fear and the end times. Year in ROAM is an All-You-Can-Hear buffet, so mind the sneeze guards, strap on a feedbag, and get ready to gorge your ears on these scrumptious sonic slices. Mmm, mmm!

INGREDIENTS: Dereck Higgins, Meredith Kooi, Wil Wright, Daniel Clay, Madeline Adams, Graham Patrick Ulicny & Sarah Bohling, Chris White, Joe Dames, A. E. Paterra, Jim Schroeder, Alexis Pope, Mike Young, Devin Brown, Ben Coleman, John Hannah, Meta Gary, Will Fussell, Orenda Fink, Ross Politi, Tim Kasher, DJ & Ice, Ian Cone, Thomas Stuart & Laraaji

THANK YOU to each and every amazingly talented ROAMer. THANK YOU for sharing your big beautiful ears and exploring sound so deeply with us.  If you would like to learn more about the ROAM process, check out the testimonials.

RELISTEN to all of 2014’s ROAM audiozines in one 10-course meal here.


ROAM in the Ruins: An Earpocalytpic Audio Bomb for Bunker-Dwellers

Fellow Survivors:

When the grid goes dark and the End Times finally come what will it sound like?

The 6 radioactively-charged contributors to this latest installment of the ROAM audiozine, who were hand-selected by Editor and Chief at Vouched Books Laura Relyea, each tackle this question in a different way by harnessing the twin powers of Sound and the Written Word.

ROAM in the Ruins is a genetically mutated take on the traditional literary reading or audiobook. Part post-apocalyptic radio drama and part avant garde audio experiment, these aural dispatches from imaginary disaster zones explore what life might sound like during the apocalypse and how humanity might reconstitute civilization in the wake of such a catastrophe.

Those familiar with Orson Welles’s War of the Worlds broadcast or Cormac McCarthy’s The Road will know exactly what we’re going for.

ROAM in the Ruins premiered as a live broadcast + communal listening experience at The Big House on Ponce on Day Zero, i.e. Sunday, November 23, 2014.

Many thanks to all of our atom-splitting contributors for making this episode of ROAM such an explosive experience. Catch y’all under the mushroom cloud.

Devin Brown
Tyler Gobble
Brian Oliu
Alexis Pope
Laura Relyea
Mike Young

Are You Afraid of the ROAM?: Terrifying Tales to Chill Your Listening Bone

Greetings, my little succubi and incubi.

It’s time again we turn our ashen faces away from the sources of lightness and from all that is wholesome and good in this world so that we might better behold the mysterious horrors that lurk unseen in the dank eternal darkness.

In this 13th episode of our spookcast, which is skin-crawlingly titled Are You Afraid of the ROAM?, 8 sonic poltergeist hunters from around the globe took solemn oaths to ghastly ghouls and quaffed the pureed eyeballs of several newts in order to retrieve for your listening terror the most awful sounds they could conjure.

Follow our hapless heroine, one Emily Lynch, on this limb-lopping, tooth-chattering horroride. Through its tortuous turns we descend into the blackest nether regions of Hell, leaving no smoldering, brimstone-belching boulder unturned in our quest to discover the most truly gasp-inducing of aural atrocities. Yes, my little ectoplasmic slimeballs, come eavesdrop with me as Emily pitifully attempts to navigate through the blood-steeped and Escher-esque labyrinth that, spiderlike, our submitters have woven for her.

Just one listen and we promise your blood will curdle in your veins.
Headphones and darkness are highly encouraged.


Many thanks to all of our chainsaw massacre-ers who made this episode of ROAM such a bloodsucking experience. Catch y’all on the Event Horizon.

Daniel Bellury
Julie Hines & Jen Kornder
Colin Mee
A. E. Paterra
Jim Schroeder
Grace Thornton
Nick White

ROAM is for your ears to see.


ROAM Om: Sonic Spirit Quests for Armchair Bodhisattvas and Yogis-in-Training

The time has come to light the flame. The scent of sulphur from spent matches hangs in the air, mingling with that of fresh cut flowers. You can’t say how long the drummers have been drumming. You anticipate the commencement of the ritual with excitement and trepidation. Who will I be in the morning when the fire has exhausted itself? The figure crouching at your side, face obscured by a mask with exaggerated features, shakes a rattle, which sounds exactly like a swarm of insects. He motions at you. And you begin to dance as if for the first time in your life…

For this 12th installment of the ROAM audiozine series we invited contributors to explore the topics of spirituality and ritual in all of their many manifestations.

In order to place these metaphysical reflections into conversation with each other, the ROAM Staff devised an aural ritual all its own.

For ease of listening, the movements of this ritual in sound can be broken into three major events:

1. Setting the Fire

Sometimes the vacuum of skepticism provides the most profound opportunities for spiritual growth. And this is precisely where ROAM OM’s ritual begins. Incited by the sparking of the pyre, we pivot from a space of playful doubt (Katie Robertson) into a celebration of our spiritual heritages (Ben Coleman) that then gives way to a depiction of a private ritual (Will Mitchell). This first movement is punctuated by recordings of religious ceremonies documented in Haiti by a special pair of world-traveling truth-seekers (Orenda and Todd Fink).

2. The Fire Blazes

But perhaps we’ve let our guard down too soon, allowing spirituality’s grandiose promises of peace and prosperity to lull us into complacency? Our ritual’s midpoint is a confrontation with the darker sides of orthodoxy and the seductive power of religious rhetoric. Recasting the febrile speech of sanctified televangelizers, our sound artists (Aaron King and John Hannah) invite us to listen closely to these feverish exhortations. With the flame’s forked tongues lapping at the night sky, our sonic spiritual quest reaches its fever pitch with a satirical subversion of the fire-and-brimstone oration that preceded it (Mike Morgan).

3. The Flame Dissipates

With our palates now thoroughly cleansed our final movement commences. We’re able to re-enter the cathedral with open hearts and clear minds as an organ-steeped neo-hymn transports us into transcendent contemplative realms (Thayer Sarrano). For some the sheer act of listening is the most solemnly spiritual gesture of them all. As the fuel for our fire dwindles, we pause to absorb the “music” that our environments make irrespective of our wishes and intentions (Meta Gary). At the final leg of our journey we find not a conclusion but a return to our immediate surroundings and the notion that “religion” is not something we must seek after but is a phenomenon that always envelops us.

Many thanks to all of our yogis-in-training who made this episode of ROAM a third ear-opening experience. Catch y’all under the bodhi tree.

ROAM is for your ears to see.


When In ROAM: Audio Postcards from the Four Corners of the Globe

Around the world in 20 minutes we go!

At ROAM we are no strangers to the intoxicating experiences of wanderlust. And that is why this month, as the summer bids farewell, we challenged contributors to create a piece of sound art that encapsulates a journey they have taken to distant lands where all is exotically unfamiliar.

When In ROAM is a portal jumping story in sound, an adventurous travelogue that captures the arc and sweep of the cumulative trip. Our ROAMers were asked to recreate the thrust and momentum, the dizzying highs and crushing lows that characterized their jetlagged experiences of wielding passports, crossing borders, and fumbling for that perfect verb conjugation. The resulting audio montage drives us from Cumberland Islands to China twice, flying across the hills of Tennessee and riding a camel o’er to lovely Toronto, Canada. Did I mention we’re taking the bus to India?

Pack your bags because we’re leaving now. No time to grab the compass or fanny pack. Grab your best headphones. You’ll need them for where you’re ROAMing. When in ROAM is the 11th installment in the ROAMtransmissions series, where our motto is ROAM is for your ears to see.

 A GIANT THANKS to all of our jet-setting sound scientists for taking us along on their summer excursions, it feels like we’re still there with you:

Paige Adair
Madeline Adams
Mike Albanese
Sarah Bohling
Daniel Clay
Sam Martin
Doc Matysiak
Graham Patrick Ulicny


ROAM is the podcast that marries sonic collages once a month created by a crew of new sound scientists, all then meticulously arranged by the ROAM staff with an abstract theme in mind. Let your ears see more.

ROAM, Me Worry?: A Gut-Busting Grab-bag of Sonic Sight Gags

Q: Knock, knock.
A: Who’s there?
A: ROAM who?
Q: How the ROAM should I know!?… (cough)

For this month’s gut-busting episode the ROAM staff, in collaboration with legendarily off-color talk radio personality Cap’n Stan Beastin™, asked our group of sound comedians and comediennes to take a break from the harsh demands of the stand-up circuit and send us the funniest soundbites they’ve ever captured.

What follows is a psychedelic spin on the classic talk radio formula in which master of ceremonies Beastin and his quasi-mute sidekick Steve unveil their exclusive collection of comic curiosities.

But rest assured: This ain’t your Aunt Wanda’s idea of a typical morning show…

Humor comes in many guises each with an ability to leave us splitting at the seams in its own unique way: The tall tale. The one-liner. The groaner. The classic zinger. Knee-slappers, funny-bone ticklers and guffaws of all sizes. And as one of this month’s contributors teaches us laughter can also be a form of spiritual discipline.

So listen up, all you crank-calling jokesters and former classroom cutups: A kaleidoscopic assortment of sonic sight gags awaits you as ROAM boldly attempts to split the difference between the age old schism dividing the funny-ha-ha from the funny-make-you-think.

If laughter is indeed the best medicine then this installment of ROAM is your 24-hour funny pharmacy and Stan Beastin is your attending physician.

A note from the ROAM staff: We asked the contributors to this podcast to refrain from using flatulation in their final submissions. Yes, farts are funny. We won’t disagree with you there. But if we didn’t draw a line, this whole flippin’ podcast would be brimful of “phits,” “phooms,” and a few stinky burps.

Rest up and ROAM hard!

A great big joy buzzer jolt to all of this month’s hilarious contributors:

Rebecca Blankenship
Ian Cone
Cristen Conger
Bradford Cox
DJ & Ice
Trey Duke
Korey Epps & Thomas Fine
Tobin Hines
Matt Magnuson
Michelle Murphy
Odin Smith
Dana Snyder & Lear Bunda
Thomas Stuart
Dana Swanson
Jared Swilley


Curated by David Matysiak, engineered by Mason Brown, conceptualized by Devin Brown, and designed by Jordan Noel, ROAM is a monthly experimental podcast that marries individual audio collages based on a theme and a new cast of contributors. ROAM is all about sonically scoring moments for our collective digital time capsule. ROAM is for your ears to see.


ROAM Vs. Wild: A Sound Safari through Uncharted Earscapes

On this episode of Roam vs. Wild, we asked our ROAMers to gather sounds from their ecosystems and mold new soundscapes, create new lifeforms. The creatures we hear on this transmission are sure to encourage your feral side to stretch wide.

We safari through the concrete jungle of Colombia, through the towering rain forests of the Congo. We hear creatures never heard on tape before! The ROAM staff collaged these aural samples together to paint a sonic portrait of indigenous wildlife in a wondrous new composite. The aural artifact that remains is exquisite in it’s ability to lure the listener across the suspension bridge of disbelief.

For this journey remember, your ears are the camera lens. Pack a dry pair of socks, your best headphones and the imagination you were born with and ROAM into the wild! Beware the pheromones of the curious boingo beetle, for his powers are still not yet completely known.

Rest up and roam hard!

A huge thank you to this month’s wild contributors:
Tera Buerkle
Adam Bruneau
Amy Cobden
Joe Dames
Josh Fowler
Matt Magnuson
Bob Nanna
Cyrus Shamir
Chris White


Curated by David Matysiak, engineered by Mason Brown, conceptualized by Devin Brown, and designed by Jordan Noel, ROAM is a monthly experimental podcast that marries individual audio collages based on a theme and a new cast of contributors. ROAM is all about sonically scoring moments for our collective digital time capsule. ROAM is for your ears to see.

For More:


ROAM in the Family: A Scrapbook of Sonic Snapshots

Good afternoon extended family and friends,

In this month’s podcast, we asked our ROAMers to explore the theme of family by creating a new audio collage using archived materials or new recordings to engage the concept in all of its literal and figurative manifestations. The individual collages were then stitched together to create what you are hearing now, a candid soundscape that is equal parts inspiring and heartbreaking.

Metaphorically, ‘ROAM in the Family’ walks us through a giant old house, around the tall grass in the backyard, through the portals of time and space. We meet your father, who is coincidentally in the same room as my grandmother and your friend’s step-son. We meet the ghosts of those we have lost. We hear the sounds of those not yet old enough to express their words yet. We hear our collective, timeless family as if it were truly one organism.

This podcast, our most heartfelt transmission yet, reminds us of the gravity each moment holds, the spectrum each moment has the potential to stretch, reminding us of the wonderful people, places, pets and things we meet along time’s winding roads. We are family, roaming together.

A huge thank you to the amazing cast of participants this month who shared their families, their stories and their hearts with us all.

GO TO YOUR ROAM and listen right this minute on your headphones!

This month’s family:

Devin Brown
Stefanie Drootin
Dereck Higgins [ROAM Testimonial]
Julie Hines
Meredith Kooi
Ingrid Magnuson
Jordan Noel
Katie Robertson & family
Wil Wright [ROAM Testimonial]

Curated by David Matysiak, engineered by Mason Brown, conceptualized by Devin Brown, and designed by Jordan Noel, ROAM is a monthly experimental podcast that marries individual audio collages based on a theme and a new cast of contributors. ROAM is all about sonically scoring moments for our collective digital time capsule. ROAM is for your ears to see.



I Just Had the Weirdest ROAM…: A Somnambulatory Romp through the Collective Unconscious

 Dearest Dream ROAMers,

We’ve all done it: You have the most insane dream where your Dad is an alien viking, working at a hotdog stand in the mall. But the mall is actually a UFO dealership on Pluto! And HOLY CRAP! Your dog just walked up, bought a footlong hotdog with extra crab sauce and said, “Dog on dog, dawg,” and with a shrug walked off, but not before morphing into some weird reptilian dog-faced creature that’s part dog and part salamander and part God knows what else…

Yeah, we’ve all had that one. And we’ve all experienced the difficulty of translating our dreams, turning them into stories or fables in order to make them understandable to ourselves and others.

For this dreamiest of ROAM podcasts we asked our contributors to focus on a single dream–a vision they had while swaddled in the deepest of REM cycles, an idealistic aspiration, a projection of a version of themselves or of the world that could only be captured in the loftiest of languages–and translate that vision into a single sonic artifact.  

The resulting pieces, which were sequenced and further manipulated by the ROAM Transmissions staff, function as windows overlooking the vistas of all that is larger and stranger than our waking minds can readily comprehend.

They provide access to psychic forces we only fool ourselves into thinking we can subdue or rationalize away. Just as dreams collapse Space and Time these pieces also conflate the two. Because in dreams all is subject to mutation and nothing is solid these little aural jaunts into the dreamverse are also malleable and plastic.

We’ve heard it said that the recounting of a dream can only ever meet the needs of the dreamer, that narrating your dreams is always a self-serving enterprise because the world of the dream is far too impenetrable and hermetic to transform successfully into the logic of the waking workaday world.

But perhaps this is not the fault of the dream but rather of the methods through which the dream takes shape outside of the dreamer’s mind.

For this 7th installment of the ROAM podcast series we challenged our incredible collection of contributors to compose a piece of sound art that is the encapsulation of a dream, a vision, a nightmare that is so compelling and concretely manifested as to render obsolete this cliche about the pointlessness of narrating our dreams.            

As always, thank you for listening. And remember: Sleep tight and don’t let them bedbugs bite.


Madeline Adams
Shitty Bedford
Mason Brown
Patrick Fadely
Orenda Fink
David Matysiak
Ross Politi
Valentina Tapia [ROAM testimonial]
Allen Taylor

Roam is a new monthly podcast series curated by David Matysiak, engineered by Mason Brown, conceptualized by Devin Brown, and designed by Jordan Noel.


To ROAM with L*ve: A Collaborative Found Sound Collage for the Cyrano De Bergerac in Us All

Dearly Beloved Listeners:

Do you remember the last time you received a love letter? The last time you wrote one?

There is a fear in this print-weary Information Age of ours that letters of all sorts, but perhaps especially love letters, will join the dinos and the dodos as an extinct genre of expression.

Who will carry on the traditions of such formidable romantic scribblers as F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald or of Abelard and Heloise who arguably exchanged the greatest erotic correspondences in all of Western history?

At ROAM we believe the love letter is not a dying breed. Rather it is in desperate need of formal mutation. That is why we charged the contributors to the latest in this ongoing podcast series to create a sound piece that centers upon the topic of Love in all its many manifestations.

Each contribution to this month’s lovelorn installment of ROAM is addressed explicitly or implicitly to a specific person, place, pet, process, product, or concept that weakens our contributors’ knees, that makes their hearts race and their palms sweat when they think of it, him, or her.

But because all is fair on the battlefield of love we issued a challenge to each of our contributors:

Since “love” means so very many things to so many people it occupies a strange and indeterminate space in our lexicon. Due to this problem with love’s legibility we asked our contributors to use synonyms, analogues, placeholders, and silences in their submissions where they might otherwise have used the word “love.”

In our podcast dedicated to Eros our contributors therefore launch their love barbs like little Cupids-in-training without once uttering the “L” word.

Having received our cache of perfume-redolent, secret admirer-style, and missed connections-esque audio correspondences, the curators at ROAM then lovingly sequenced our contributors’ submissions, punctuating each sonic epistle with found sounds appropriated from soap operas, telenovelas, and the dating game shows of yesteryear.   

The resulting 20-minute journey through love’s winding passageways is the type of many-faceted gemstone you might like to plunk on the ring finger of your beloved. Or else it’s the kind of thing that’ll inspire you to pull a Lloyd Dobler, hoisting blaring boomboxes to the heavens in hopes of finally getting your sweetheart’s attention.                      


Madeline Adams
Bowen Betts
Mason Brown
Will Fussell
Tim Kasher
Josh McKay
David Matysiak
Bob Nanna
Jordan Noel
Chris White

Roam is a new monthly podcast series curated by David Matysiak, engineered by Mason Brown, conceptualized by Devin Brown, and designed by Jordan Noel.