ROAM in the Family: A Scrapbook of Sonic Snapshots

Good afternoon extended family and friends,

In this month’s podcast, we asked our ROAMers to explore the theme of family by creating a new audio collage using archived materials or new recordings to engage the concept in all of its literal and figurative manifestations. The individual collages were then stitched together to create what you are hearing now, a candid soundscape that is equal parts inspiring and heartbreaking.

Metaphorically, ‘ROAM in the Family’ walks us through a giant old house, around the tall grass in the backyard, through the portals of time and space. We meet your father, who is coincidentally in the same room as my grandmother and your friend’s step-son. We meet the ghosts of those we have lost. We hear the sounds of those not yet old enough to express their words yet. We hear our collective, timeless family as if it were truly one organism.

This podcast, our most heartfelt transmission yet, reminds us of the gravity each moment holds, the spectrum each moment has the potential to stretch, reminding us of the wonderful people, places, pets and things we meet along time’s winding roads. We are family, roaming together.

A huge thank you to the amazing cast of participants this month who shared their families, their stories and their hearts with us all.

GO TO YOUR ROAM and listen right this minute on your headphones!

This month’s family:

Devin Brown
Stefanie Drootin
Dereck Higgins [ROAM Testimonial]
Julie Hines
Meredith Kooi
Ingrid Magnuson
Jordan Noel
Katie Robertson & family
Wil Wright [ROAM Testimonial]

Curated by David Matysiak, engineered by Mason Brown, conceptualized by Devin Brown, and designed by Jordan Noel, ROAM is a monthly experimental podcast that marries individual audio collages based on a theme and a new cast of contributors. ROAM is all about sonically scoring moments for our collective digital time capsule. ROAM is for your ears to see.



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