Year In ROAM: A Scrumptious Slice of 2014

ROAM had a big 2014: 10 uniquely themed audiozines crafted by 70 sound artists.

And now for your ear-smacking pleasure the aural chefs at Café ROAM have simmered, flash-fried, slow-cooked, and blanched the very choicest of last year’s cuts into one everlasting gobstopper of a listening experience: Year in ROAM. Clocking in at just over 25 delectable minutes, this meal is for your ears to feast on.

The auricular sommeliers at ROAM selected these submissions from the smorgasbord of 2014’s offerings: Sounds of love and dreaming, travel and nature, family, comedy, spirituality, fear and the end times. Year in ROAM is an All-You-Can-Hear buffet, so mind the sneeze guards, strap on a feedbag, and get ready to gorge your ears on these scrumptious sonic slices. Mmm, mmm!

INGREDIENTS: Dereck Higgins, Meredith Kooi, Wil Wright, Daniel Clay, Madeline Adams, Graham Patrick Ulicny & Sarah Bohling, Chris White, Joe Dames, A. E. Paterra, Jim Schroeder, Alexis Pope, Mike Young, Devin Brown, Ben Coleman, John Hannah, Meta Gary, Will Fussell, Orenda Fink, Ross Politi, Tim Kasher, DJ & Ice, Ian Cone, Thomas Stuart & Laraaji

THANK YOU to each and every amazingly talented ROAMer. THANK YOU for sharing your big beautiful ears and exploring sound so deeply with us.  If you would like to learn more about the ROAM process, check out the testimonials.

RELISTEN to all of 2014’s ROAM audiozines in one 10-course meal here.


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