Council = I
I = You
We = Council
Jordan Noel and sometimes:
Wil Wright
David Specht
Keith Murray
Travis Vance
Chris Bracco
Daniel Henry
David Matysiak

The Great Discourager

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Dark and brooding experimental mind trapezoids. Clocking in at 39:54 …unfolds into a black cross. Recorded at the Craft House (Athens, GA) in September of 2010. Limited edition of 11. [Read More]


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Composed and decomposed from 2006-2009, J. Noel resurrects Beethoven and then shoves him into a blender. The sounds can be heard in the afterlife and beyond! Limited to 26; hand crafted and soaked in Vivaldi’s blood!!! [Read More]

Kinked Demand, vol. 1

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This is the first in a series of vocal only recordings. This stereo recording was completed in one take on October 27, 2009 on digital 8-track using only voice, a microphone and an electro-harmonix stereo memory man with Hazarai. [Read More]

Isla Mujeres

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A tangent product of Council, Counseling is the field recording arm of the Council catalog. This album was recorded in full on an iPhone while in Mexico. [Read More]


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IOEOTO UUHON + Somewhere Someone Is Hiding

Recorded and Mixed 2008-2009. Hand crafted and numbered. Only 15 made. Each CD comes with individually illustrated book.
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