Sick Birds Die Easy coming to Atlanta

    Posted on January 23, 2014 by CoCo Art


    *One Night Only!

    JUST ANNOUNCED: Following the screening Nik Fackler, director of Sick Birds Die Easy, will be in appearance for a special Q&A. Limited ticket availability.

    Sick Birds Die Easy: A New American Film by Nik Fackler

    Exploring the worlds of white privilege, magical realism and the apocalypse, Director Nik Fackler takes a drug addled conspiracy theorist, an entitled love drunk musician, and an American film crew deep into the jungles of Western Africa, searching for Iboga, an extremely potent psychedelic plant said to have the ability to heal drug addiction. What initially begins as a trip towards enlightenment, becomes a desperate attempt at maintaining sanity.

    With a mad mix of compellingly hilarious characters, experimental drug use and an array of expertly wielded lo-fi and hi-fi cameras. Fackler capably explodes the fiction / non-fiction divide with an alarming self consciousness and ever more surprising degree of sincerity. Delving into mysticism, politics, colonialism and human nature, Sick Birds Die Easy is a mind bending, fantastical social experiment that will leave you laughing and questioning your own understanding of reality.
    Winner of the New Horizon Polish Film Festival and one of the most controversial, unique and drug filled films of the year.




    Roam 4 The Holidaze 5

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    CCA 2013 Holidaze Cover 5

    On New Year’s Day 2014 Roam–a new monthly podcast series curated by David Matysiak, engineered by Mason Brown, and conceptualized by Devin Brown–will present its annual winter audio compilation Roam 4 the Holidaze. The fifth installment in an ongoing series that began in winter 2009, Roam 4 the Holidaze 5 features recordings by 26 musicians, artists, and everyday field recordists who hail from parts as near as Metro Atlanta and as geographically far afield as Israel and India.

    Unlike in years past, Matysiak challenged contributors to isolate “found sounds” captured in 2013 and to use this documentary material to craft their sonic submissions. Matysiak’s intention was to create an aural time capsule of sorts, a document of idiosyncratic and highly personal moments from the past year that listeners can train their attentions to as they look forward to what awaits them in 2014.

    But these new criteria for submissions are not the only new additions to this year’s Roam 4 the Holidaze compilation. Instead of presenting the collection as a series of discrete tracks as they have done in the past, Matysiak and Mason Brown have instead carefully sequenced and segued all of the submissions into a single, continuous listening experience.

    Clocking in at just under one hour, Roam 4 the Holidaze 5 invites listeners to explore the time-bound environments, moods, and textures that each of its contributors have captured and manipulated while emphasizing also the ways in which these experiences are themselves interconnected as reflections of a tightly-webbed community of artists, musicians, documentarians, and friends.

    Roam 4 the Holidaze 5 also inaugurates the new Roam podcast series, which will release a theme-driven audio journey ten times per year on the first Monday of every month. (A summer installment of Roam will be released in July/August and Roam for the Holidaze will return in its sixth iteration in January of 2015.)

    Roam’s next podcast, “To Roam with Love,” will tackle the topics of romance, fidelity, and the variably long and short shelf lives of romantic relationships. It will be released here on February 3rd.

     Thank you thank you thank you to all of the amazingly talented and über inspiring collaborators this year:

    Cole Alexander
    Brandon Betts
    Devin Brown
    Mason Brown
    Frank Broyles
    Adam Bruneau
    Ian Cone
    Nik Fackler
    Todd Fink
    Dereck Higgins
    Jack Hines
    Ingrid Magnuson
    Heather Kemp
    Zopi Kristjanson
    David Matysiak
    Colin Mee
    Andrew Nicholson
    Jordan Noel
    Lockett Pundt
    Katie & Wayne Robertson
    Zumi Rosow
    Cyrus Shamir
    Everett Steele
    Thomas Stuart
    Dana Swanson
    Chelsea Weyler

    Read more from Pitchfork and Death and Taxes. 

    Roam on.



    Coyote Bones Studio Pix

    Posted on May 10, 2013 by CoCo Art

    Just left Make Believe Studios in Omaha, NE. Another great session, inching closer to the mixing phase. Right around 9 songs are in the can. Big hugs to Nik Fackler and Dereck Higgins (both of Indreama) for lending their talented selves to the chaos that is this record.


    New Holidaze Mix Up!!!

    Posted on December 26, 2012 by CoCo Art

    It’s the 2012 HolidaZe Mix. Big holiday love to all and a big big thanks to the artists featured on this comp.

    Happy New Year!!

    Download and jam it loud!
    Xo Coco Art


    1. Santana Santa – In the Beginning…
    2. Feast of Violet – Vitals
    3. Adam Bruneau – Solipsism Rock
    4. InDreama – Nobuo’s Song
    5. Frank Broyles – Psychic Sarah Christmas
    6. Oh Dorian – I’m Dreaming Tonight…
    7. Shelved Selves – Uranian Carol #12
    8. Elliot (&) Smith – Mr. Grinch
    9. Flowers Forever – Restless Moon
    10. Social Studies – Toxo (feat. Zopari Kristjanson)
    11. Brainworlds – Beyond the Ascent
    12. Spacewalker – Launch
    13. Daniel Manuel – La Fiesta de Don Juan
    14. Tournament of Orchids – I’m Rejoicing Now
    15. Old King Cole Younger – Christmas Far Away From Home, Moan
    16. Todd Fink – Texas Balances
    17. Dereck Higgins – Pancake Blues
    18. Whiskey Sue – Christmas Island
    19. Decomposer – Pessimystique
    20. Dennis Banana – Nude Piano
    21. Lazy Monsters – The Christmas That Never Was


    InDreama : RePROGRAM (live)

    Posted on December 28, 2011 by admin

    InDreama : REprogram
    (Live @ The Waiting Room – Omaha, NE. 12-17-11)
    (Nik Fackler, Dereck Higgins, Aaron Gum, Craig D, David Matysiak)


Experimental Post-Rave Pop from Omaha. NE : A collection of output In Dreama. An idea pushing outward through Chaos and into Order. A soul reuniting with another while searching for something new. A blessing of the reunion. A UFO landing. Inspirited.fuck.weirdo.

Members : Nik Fackler, Ashley Miller, Dereck Higgins, Sam Martin, Aaron Gum, Craig D, Kevin Donahue, David Matysiak, Mason Brown

Coming Soon!

Indreama/Icky Blossoms/Conduits/Touch People Split 7″


Indreama ‘Loopopper’

InDreama ‘LIVE at Slowdown’

Live @ The Waiting Room (12-17-11)

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