I Just Had the Weirdest ROAM…: A Somnambulatory Romp through the Collective Unconscious

 Dearest Dream ROAMers,

We’ve all done it: You have the most insane dream where your Dad is an alien viking, working at a hotdog stand in the mall. But the mall is actually a UFO dealership on Pluto! And HOLY CRAP! Your dog just walked up, bought a footlong hotdog with extra crab sauce and said, “Dog on dog, dawg,” and with a shrug walked off, but not before morphing into some weird reptilian dog-faced creature that’s part dog and part salamander and part God knows what else…

Yeah, we’ve all had that one. And we’ve all experienced the difficulty of translating our dreams, turning them into stories or fables in order to make them understandable to ourselves and others.

For this dreamiest of ROAM podcasts we asked our contributors to focus on a single dream–a vision they had while swaddled in the deepest of REM cycles, an idealistic aspiration, a projection of a version of themselves or of the world that could only be captured in the loftiest of languages–and translate that vision into a single sonic artifact.  

The resulting pieces, which were sequenced and further manipulated by the ROAM Transmissions staff, function as windows overlooking the vistas of all that is larger and stranger than our waking minds can readily comprehend.

They provide access to psychic forces we only fool ourselves into thinking we can subdue or rationalize away. Just as dreams collapse Space and Time these pieces also conflate the two. Because in dreams all is subject to mutation and nothing is solid these little aural jaunts into the dreamverse are also malleable and plastic.

We’ve heard it said that the recounting of a dream can only ever meet the needs of the dreamer, that narrating your dreams is always a self-serving enterprise because the world of the dream is far too impenetrable and hermetic to transform successfully into the logic of the waking workaday world.

But perhaps this is not the fault of the dream but rather of the methods through which the dream takes shape outside of the dreamer’s mind.

For this 7th installment of the ROAM podcast series we challenged our incredible collection of contributors to compose a piece of sound art that is the encapsulation of a dream, a vision, a nightmare that is so compelling and concretely manifested as to render obsolete this cliche about the pointlessness of narrating our dreams.            

As always, thank you for listening. And remember: Sleep tight and don’t let them bedbugs bite.


Madeline Adams
Shitty Bedford
Mason Brown
Patrick Fadely
Orenda Fink
David Matysiak
Ross Politi
Valentina Tapia [ROAM testimonial]
Allen Taylor

Roam is a new monthly podcast series curated by David Matysiak, engineered by Mason Brown, conceptualized by Devin Brown, and designed by Jordan Noel.

ROAM: roamtransmissions.tumblr.com/

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