ROAM, Me Worry?: A Gut-Busting Grab-bag of Sonic Sight Gags

Q: Knock, knock.
A: Who’s there?
A: ROAM who?
Q: How the ROAM should I know!?… (cough)

For this month’s gut-busting episode the ROAM staff, in collaboration with legendarily off-color talk radio personality Cap’n Stan Beastin™, asked our group of sound comedians and comediennes to take a break from the harsh demands of the stand-up circuit and send us the funniest soundbites they’ve ever captured.

What follows is a psychedelic spin on the classic talk radio formula in which master of ceremonies Beastin and his quasi-mute sidekick Steve unveil their exclusive collection of comic curiosities.

But rest assured: This ain’t your Aunt Wanda’s idea of a typical morning show…

Humor comes in many guises each with an ability to leave us splitting at the seams in its own unique way: The tall tale. The one-liner. The groaner. The classic zinger. Knee-slappers, funny-bone ticklers and guffaws of all sizes. And as one of this month’s contributors teaches us laughter can also be a form of spiritual discipline.

So listen up, all you crank-calling jokesters and former classroom cutups: A kaleidoscopic assortment of sonic sight gags awaits you as ROAM boldly attempts to split the difference between the age old schism dividing the funny-ha-ha from the funny-make-you-think.

If laughter is indeed the best medicine then this installment of ROAM is your 24-hour funny pharmacy and Stan Beastin is your attending physician.

A note from the ROAM staff: We asked the contributors to this podcast to refrain from using flatulation in their final submissions. Yes, farts are funny. We won’t disagree with you there. But if we didn’t draw a line, this whole flippin’ podcast would be brimful of “phits,” “phooms,” and a few stinky burps.

Rest up and ROAM hard!

A great big joy buzzer jolt to all of this month’s hilarious contributors:

Rebecca Blankenship
Ian Cone
Cristen Conger
Bradford Cox
DJ & Ice
Trey Duke
Korey Epps & Thomas Fine
Tobin Hines
Matt Magnuson
Michelle Murphy
Odin Smith
Dana Snyder & Lear Bunda
Thomas Stuart
Dana Swanson
Jared Swilley


Curated by David Matysiak, engineered by Mason Brown, conceptualized by Devin Brown, and designed by Jordan Noel, ROAM is a monthly experimental podcast that marries individual audio collages based on a theme and a new cast of contributors. ROAM is all about sonically scoring moments for our collective digital time capsule. ROAM is for your ears to see.


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