ROAM Vs. Wild: A Sound Safari through Uncharted Earscapes

On this episode of Roam vs. Wild, we asked our ROAMers to gather sounds from their ecosystems and mold new soundscapes, create new lifeforms. The creatures we hear on this transmission are sure to encourage your feral side to stretch wide.

We safari through the concrete jungle of Colombia, through the towering rain forests of the Congo. We hear creatures never heard on tape before! The ROAM staff collaged these aural samples together to paint a sonic portrait of indigenous wildlife in a wondrous new composite. The aural artifact that remains is exquisite in it’s ability to lure the listener across the suspension bridge of disbelief.

For this journey remember, your ears are the camera lens. Pack a dry pair of socks, your best headphones and the imagination you were born with and ROAM into the wild! Beware the pheromones of the curious boingo beetle, for his powers are still not yet completely known.

Rest up and roam hard!

A huge thank you to this month’s wild contributors:
Tera Buerkle
Adam Bruneau
Amy Cobden
Joe Dames
Josh Fowler
Matt Magnuson
Bob Nanna
Cyrus Shamir
Chris White


Curated by David Matysiak, engineered by Mason Brown, conceptualized by Devin Brown, and designed by Jordan Noel, ROAM is a monthly experimental podcast that marries individual audio collages based on a theme and a new cast of contributors. ROAM is all about sonically scoring moments for our collective digital time capsule. ROAM is for your ears to see.

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