To ROAM with L*ve: A Collaborative Found Sound Collage for the Cyrano De Bergerac in Us All

Dearly Beloved Listeners:

Do you remember the last time you received a love letter? The last time you wrote one?

There is a fear in this print-weary Information Age of ours that letters of all sorts, but perhaps especially love letters, will join the dinos and the dodos as an extinct genre of expression.

Who will carry on the traditions of such formidable romantic scribblers as F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald or of Abelard and Heloise who arguably exchanged the greatest erotic correspondences in all of Western history?

At ROAM we believe the love letter is not a dying breed. Rather it is in desperate need of formal mutation. That is why we charged the contributors to the latest in this ongoing podcast series to create a sound piece that centers upon the topic of Love in all its many manifestations.

Each contribution to this month’s lovelorn installment of ROAM is addressed explicitly or implicitly to a specific person, place, pet, process, product, or concept that weakens our contributors’ knees, that makes their hearts race and their palms sweat when they think of it, him, or her.

But because all is fair on the battlefield of love we issued a challenge to each of our contributors:

Since “love” means so very many things to so many people it occupies a strange and indeterminate space in our lexicon. Due to this problem with love’s legibility we asked our contributors to use synonyms, analogues, placeholders, and silences in their submissions where they might otherwise have used the word “love.”

In our podcast dedicated to Eros our contributors therefore launch their love barbs like little Cupids-in-training without once uttering the “L” word.

Having received our cache of perfume-redolent, secret admirer-style, and missed connections-esque audio correspondences, the curators at ROAM then lovingly sequenced our contributors’ submissions, punctuating each sonic epistle with found sounds appropriated from soap operas, telenovelas, and the dating game shows of yesteryear.   

The resulting 20-minute journey through love’s winding passageways is the type of many-faceted gemstone you might like to plunk on the ring finger of your beloved. Or else it’s the kind of thing that’ll inspire you to pull a Lloyd Dobler, hoisting blaring boomboxes to the heavens in hopes of finally getting your sweetheart’s attention.                      


Madeline Adams
Bowen Betts
Mason Brown
Will Fussell
Tim Kasher
Josh McKay
David Matysiak
Bob Nanna
Jordan Noel
Chris White

Roam is a new monthly podcast series curated by David Matysiak, engineered by Mason Brown, conceptualized by Devin Brown, and designed by Jordan Noel.


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