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D + D

CCA002 – Dereck Higgins + Dino Felipe (split 7″)

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D+D is one Dereck Higgins and Dino Felipe. They play together, but each side has the other one credited as main player. Both sides last no more than two and half minute each and it’s hard to figure out what these boy play. Guitar for sure, but perhaps also some electronics? ‘Properties’ is a soft piece, or rather one with lots of silence and an occasional ‘outburst’, although it never reaches the height of noise, it stands out a bit from the vague crackling. ‘Ribbons’ on the flip consists more of sustaining sounds but here too things don’t extent very much. Again, all in a sort of free improvisation play, but it has a mysterious character, of held back tension that makes this into a nice one. – Frans de Waard

Colored vinyl. Only a few are left.

CCA 002