CCA006 – Coyote Bones ‘Niobrara’ (LP)

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The bags are unpacked and Coyote Bones is officially starting over. After the 2007 release of their critically acclaimed debut album, “Gentleman on The Rocks,” the band left Omaha, NE and moved down South to singer David Matysiak’s hometown of Atlanta, GA. After a handful of intimate recording sessions in the mountains and Atlanta/Athens, Coyote Bones is back with a new line-up (including Heather Kemp and Jordan Noel) and a new record. Named after a mystical river in Northern Nebraska, the latest offering entitled, “Niobrara” focuses on the stunning moments of clarity that immediately follow a huge tragedy.

Musically, Niobrara finds Coyote Bones elaborating on their folk leanings, adding soaring vocal harmonies and soothing acoustic pickings to the stripped down sound they’ve honed. Flowing like it’s namesake,”Niobrara” gazes into the snaking river and watches as the mirrors of change take hold. Sounds of nature flow in and out of candid one-take performances in this earnest new record by one of Atlanta’s finest. So place the turntable needle on ‘Niobrara’ and you’ll swear Coyote Bones is playing live on your porch (sunset and whiskey not included).

Available as a combination of the 12″ vinyl artifact and the transient mp3 or as mp3 alone. All mp3s are 320kbps.