CCA004 – Telephone Box Set: Volume 1 (7″)

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Product Description

Released in a Limited Edition of only 200 copies pressed worldwide, this rare vinyl, five disc TELPHONO BOX SET contains new recordings from artists all over the globe, never before released. A true archive of the TELEPHONO audio experiment, this box set serves as not only a collector’s item but a reflection of the creative process in its purest form. The music found on this box set has been mixed by Mason Brown and mastered to perfection by Carl Rowatti at Trutone Records!

Telephono is an audio experiment based on the children’s game, only in this interpretation, audio files are manipulated and exchanged. The project began at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, Nebraska, where David Matysiak began the project as part of a residency.

Now 6 months, 50 artists, 40 songs later, a box set is here to hold a place for this one-of-a-kind project.

By purchasing the box set, you will receive :
1. 5 unique 7″ records
2. Handcrafted, screened, and hand numbered art and packaging
3. A Supplemental Cd of the songs found on the box set, as well as rarities, unreleased tracks and NEW Telephono songs for you to work on and share.

Artists involved in Telephono include :
Dayve Hawk, Tim Kasher, Bob Nanna, Mike Kinsella, Enrico Molteni, Jack Hines, Julie Hines, Zopi Kristjanson, Nick White, Alessi Laurent-Marke, Jason Loewenstein, Adrienne Beatty, Darin Coelho, Zac Nelson, Eli Mardock, J.J. Idt, Ludvig Rylander, Dereck Higgins, Luke Polipnick, Terrence McManus, Les Mosely, Adrian Finch, Kianna Alarid, Dapose, Nik Fackler, Jonas Bjerre, Damon Tutunjian, Deborah Warfield, Jordan Noel, Lawson Grice, Nick Hasty, Dino Felipe, Aaron Gum, Clark Baechle, Teal Gardner, Anderson Reinkordt… and the list will go on!

Here’s the tracklist for the boxset :

1. No Souls
2. Janitor’s Keys
3. Atreyu’s Quest
4. The Eyes Of Truth Will Never Betray The Souls Of The Loyal
5. Mazzy Star Married Our Hearts That Night In 7th grade When We First French Kissed
6. Ain’t We Superhuman?
7. Losing Toes
8. Ferret Escapes The Wheel
9. Banning Gold
10. This Is What It Sounds Like When Staring At A Nashville Pussy Poster

All proceeds from Telephono will go towards releasing Volume 2, which will include tracks by YOU!
Go HERE!!! to start your own track!!!